Google Apps

Through a partnership with Google, University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff can access a suite of Google-powered applications including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and Sites.


Your email is hosted at Google and can be accessed via
  • A label helps organizing messages into categories. To create a new label, click more > create new label.
  • Filters are automatically apply to all incoming mail, e.g. move all mail from John Doe to a label called “Doe.” To create a filter, click settings > filters > create a new filter. 
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Google Calendar

You can keep track of your social, academic and work commitments using Google calendar.
  • To create an event, click on the calendar > edit event > add guests and rooms > save.
  • To share your calendar, click on settings > calendars > shared: edit settings.
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Google Drive

With Google Drive, you can create and share word processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentation online, and collaborate with others on projects.
  • To create a document, click create > select the type of document. 
  • To upload a document, click the upload icon (next to create) > select files or folder > browse. A document can be uploaded as a Microsoft Office document or converted to a Google document for online collaboration. You can modify your default conversion settings.
  • To share a document or folder, right click on the document > share > enter email addresses.
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Google Sites

An easy way to create a secure website for projects, classes, events, or organizations.