Set up the NVivo Server connection

Step 1: Click on File -> Options to open the software settings

Step 2: Click on the "Connections" tab

Step 3: Click on "Add..." to add a new connection, and enter the following information:

  • For the Name and Host, enter 
  • If you are connecting from a University computer, choose "Current Windows User".
  • If you are connecting from a personal computer, choose "Specified User" and enter your University Internet ID and password in the format shown below.

Step 4: Click on "Test Connection" to make sure it works. Note: if you are connecting from off-campus, you will need to start your Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection first, otherwise the test will fail.

Step 5: Click on "OK" to add the connection, and then click on "OK" again to close the settings menu and save your changes.