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NVivo Server access for researchers

Official user guides

Open a server project

  1. Within the NVivo Client software, click on File -> Open
  2. From the drop-down in the bottom right, choose "NVivo Server Projects"
  3. If you haven't already set up the connection to the HHH NVivo Server, click "Add"...
    1. Enter "HHH NVivo Server" for the Connection Name
    2. Enter "" for the Host
    3. Choose "Connect as..." as appropriate:
      • If you are connecting from a University of Minnesota Windows computer, choose "Connect as Current Windows User"
      • If you are connecting from any other computer, choose "Connect as Specified User", then enter your username in the format "AD\<internet id>". Enter your normal University password in the password field. 

Add users to a server project

Note: you have to be set up as a Project Owner before you can add users to a project.
  1. Click on File -> Info -> Project Properties...
  2. Click the Users tab
  3. Click the Groups tab
  4. Choose the permission level you want (e.g. "Contributors") and click Add...
  5. Type in the name of the user you want to add, in the format AD\<internet id> (e.g. "AD\dickx075")