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NVivo Server access for researchers

Please note: these instructions assume that you already have the NVivo client installed on your (Windows) computer. If you do not, please email for assistance before proceeding with this document.


NVivo Server is a service that enables users to collaborate on NVivo projects simultaneously without accidentally overwriting each others' work. Users connect to the server using the Windows version of the regular NVivo client software on their computer. 

Special note for Mac users

The Mac version of the NVivo client is currently not compatible with NVivo Server. Users who wish to connect to a server project from a Mac will need to either install the Windows version of the client software (via Parallels or Bootcamp), or connect remotely via a shared copy of the client software. Please email for assistance with these methods.

Request access to NVivo Server

The Humphrey School instance of NVivo Server is administered by Humphrey School IT Services. Please email to request access.