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Student printing

Humphrey School students are provided with a free printing allowance in all of the Humphrey School managed labs: HHH 40, 80, 85 and 290 (for MURP students.) 

Printing allowance amounts

The printing allowance is equal to one fifth of the collegiate fee paid by the student (which varies depending on the number of credits being taken).

Semester and credit load

Printing allowance provided to student

Fall/Spring - 6 or more credits


Fall/Spring - less than 6 credits


Summer - 3 or more credits


Summer - less than 3 credits


Any allowance remaining at the end of Fall and Spring semesters is carried forward through the end of Summer session. Balances are cleared at the beginning of Fall semester each year.

TAs are allocated an additional $50 allowance to support their classroom duties.

After a student has used up their allowance for the semester, they will be asked to pay for subsequent printing using Gopher GOLD funds.

Per-sheet printing charges

Duplex printing is included at no additional charge.

Printing type

Per-sheet price


Black and white (8.5”x11”)

10 cents

All HHH labs
(40, 80, 85, MURP 290) 

Black and white (11”x17”)

20 cents

MURP lab 290

Color (8.5”x11”)

25 cents

MURP lab 290

Color (11”x17”)

50 cents

MURP lab 290

Large-format/poster (3’ wide)

0.35 cents per square inch
(50 cents per square foot)

e.g. $6 for a 3’x4’ poster

HHH lab 85, MURP lab 290

** Important note: the printing allowance DOES NOT COUNT towards prints made in the centrally managed Learning Commons (HHH 50). If you want to print in that lab, you will need to pay using Gopher GOLD funds.

How to print

  1. Print to the printer named "HHH40_80_85_290" (for black and white printing).
  2. If you are using a personal device, you will be asked to enter your Internet ID.
  3. Go to the printing station in any of the HHH labs.
  4. Swipe your UCard, with the barcode facing out. You will hear a beep when the swipe is successful - if it doesn't work at first, try swiping more slowly.
  5. Select your print job and click "print."
  6. Your print job will print.

Please note: once you print to the printer, you have 45 minutes to retrieve your print job from the printing station. After this time has elapsed, the print job will be automatically deleted.

Print from a personal computer

Students may print to the lab printers from their personal Windows and Mac OSX laptops. This requires you to download and install a small utility program first.

Software for black and white printing

Software for large-format printing

Software for color printing (MURP lab only)

Once the software is installed, follow the printing instructions above.